Bluejays PC Services remote Support:

  1. Download remote software tool ----> click here
  2. Save it to your desktop. OR run it, depending on what you are asked to do. (Mozilla Firefox may ask you to save it whilst Internet Explorer may ask if you want to RUN it). Either way, you will want to run it so IF you do SAVE it, remember where you saved it to. We recommend you save it to your desktop to make it easier for you to find.
  3. When you select to RUN it you may get Security warnings from your browser, it is absolutely safe to run it. It is required to access your machine remotely.
  4. You should get the following screen up:

    This will start the application, but you need to call us to let us know you are connecting a remote session (Call 0208 656 1056).
  5. Click "CONNECT"
  6. Your firewall program may throw up an alert, accept this, ALLOWING the remote software to connect.
  7. Connection should now be established. If not, the program will uninstall itself after a 5 minute period.

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